Piloting, from hercs to mechs.

Piloting, from hercs to mechs.
A running recap of what I'm doing for fun, between active duty flying, technology, gadgets, and some of my favorite games.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

MWO...the realization of a kid's dream 15 yrs ago.

Now in BETA, Mechwarrior Online is available for those who are willing to purchase a "founder's" package.  Whatever amount you want to pay, this "free to play" game is sure to be an absolute thrill.

Who's going to enjoy this game (and all my subsequent blog posts)?  Anybody who ever enjoyed Battletech (board game or CCG), Netmech, Mechwarrior (1 through 4 and all the Mercenaries titles), Mech Commander, or any giant war robot games.

So, what's the story? Well, I can't really say much!  I signed the 'ole Nondisclosure Agreement just like everyone else who's playing right now.  What I can say is that the game is FUN.  It is absolutely everything I used to dream about when we were playing the turn-based board game in 7th grade.  The cry-engine looks fantastic, which you can already preview on videos they've released.  And the mech modeling, weapons, and damage dynamics are fantastic.  This game, I believe, will easily make the other Mechwarrior games look like a joke.

I've linked up with a unit called the Templars, and they run "drops" like real pros.  They have a very high level of discipline in both vent and in-game.  Even the average drops comprised mostly of recruits are winning 8/10 games easily.

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